(pronounced: KOO-luh)

Just inland from the dry, desert-like open range and shoreline area of lower Maui and below the densely forested zone higher on slopes of Haleakala sits the area known as Kula. The Kula district is the island's largest district, that stretches across the "up-country", the western-facing slopes from Makawao to Ulupalakua, with vast open areas perfect for vegetable and fruit crops. The moderate climate of this area often yields as many as three or four harvests per year. In fact, much of the local produce served at Maui’s famous Hawaii Regional Cuisine restaurants grown right here in the rich, volcanic soil.

Most of the residential areas lie between 1,600 to 3,600 ft in elevation. This district is where residents who prefer to live in a cooler less populated area then the generally hotter and busier, more tourism-oriented towns near sea level live.

Here you will find properties with more land and space than you typically find in the lower lying districts. You are also more likely to find heaters and fireplaces, than pools and air conditioners in these homes. Kula also offers the best views in Upcountry Maui, with sweeping views of Maui and the Pacific Ocean.